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Everything you need to know about Stocksbridge from places to eat to information about local house prices.

Stocksbridge is a small town located in the civil parish of Stocksbridge, within the Metropolitan Borough of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. The town nestles in the valley of the river Don some 10 miles north-west of the city of Sheffield sits just to the east of the Peak District National Park and is surrounded by scenic countryside. It blends into the areas of Deepcar, Bolsterstone and the eastern end of Ewden Valley around Ewden village, which are also within the civil parish.

Created in 2010, Penistone & Stocksbridge became a Parliament Constituency, being able to elect one MP to serve in the UK Parliament. Miriam Cates (Conservative) is the current MP for the area and is also a joint chair on the Stocksbridge Towns Fund Board (correct as of November 2023).

Stocksbridge Location

Stockbridge is conveniently situated along the B6088 and is easily accessible from all major towns and cities via the Stockbridge bypass. Part of the A616, the bypass is 9.97km (6.2 miles) long, running from Hazlehead to Deepcar.

Stocksbridge to Barnsley is located 28 min (11.7 miles) via A616 and M1 by car.
Stocksbridge to Meadowhall is located 28 min (11.6 miles) via A616 and M1 by car.
Stocksbridge to Manchester Airport is located 1 hr 5 min (36.4 miles) via A628 by car.
Stocksbridge to Leeds is located 55 min (32.1 miles) via M1 by car.
Stocksbridge to Leeds Bradford Airport is located 1 hr 25 min (38.7 miles) via M1 by car.
Stocksbridge to Manchester City Centre is located at 1 hr 20 min (30.1 miles) via A628 by car.
Stocksbridge to Sheffield City Centre is located 40 min (10.5 miles) via Manchester Rd and A6102 by car.
Stocksbridge to East Midlands Airport is located 1 hr 31 min (60.7 miles) via M1 by car.

Early History of Stocksbridge

Throughout the whole of recorded history, up until the early 18th century, what is now Stocksbridge was a deciduously wooded valley which ran from Deepcar at its south-eastern end, to Midhopestones at its north-western extremity. A river originally called the Hunshelf Water but afterwards renamed the Little Don, ran through the valley. (“Stocksbridge - The Penistone Archive”) This river was also, unofficially, called the Porter, on account of its peaty colour. (“Stocksbridge - Wikipedia”) In relation to this, Stocksbridge has many exceptional Grade II listed buildings, which are still visible today.

A dirt road, connecting Sheffield with Manchester ran through the woods adjacent to the river. There were a few stone houses in the valley and a sprinkling of farms on each hillside.

In 1716 John Stocks, a local farmer and landowner, occupied a Fulling Mill halfway along the valley where a flat, now dry flood-plain, created by the meltwater at the end of the last Ice Age, extended southwest from the river. At this place, he built a footbridge over the river, perhaps so that his workforce could reach the mill from their homes on the north side.

"This originally wooden structure, Stocks’ Bridge, gave the place its name, not only because it was about the only thing there apart from the mill itself, but also because as a crossing place it appeared under that name on Thomas Jeffrey’s map of 1772, thereby effectively establishing itself as a place name." (Source: Stocksbridge - The Penistone Archive) On various occasions, this bridge was destroyed by flooding and was eventually replaced by a stone structure in 1812.

Before the dawn of the First Industrial Revolution in the late 17th century the manufacturing of glass and pottery were two of the main local industries along with farming, agriculture, and the production of felted cloth. A massive shift soon spread through the UK and Europe in the mid-18th Century, with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, transforming society dramatically and playing a significant role in its development.

Samuel Fox (1815-1887) was a British inventor and entrepreneur known for his contributions to the steel industry. He played a significant role in the development of the steel industry in the 19th century. He is most famous for inventing the "Paragon" umbrella frame, which utilized steel ribs instead of traditional whalebone or wood. This innovation revolutionized the umbrella industry. Samuel Fox's involvement in the steel industry led to the creation of the Stocksbridge Steel Works, which became renowned for producing high-quality steel and steel products. The Samuel Fox Steel Works became one of the major steel manufacturing facilities in the region during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The steelworks produced a wide range of steel products, including railway lines, steel wires, and other materials used in various industrial applications. Samuel Fox's contributions to the steel industry and his innovative steel products played a significant role in the industrial development of the region, which brought growth and prosperity to the area, as the business continued to expand. One specialised department assembled and tested springs for Rolls Royce cars and the production of high-quality steel for the aviation industry. (Source: Stocksbridge Steel Works Heritage – SPSFC.)

It is worth noting that the Samuel Fox Steel Works are historically significant, but the steel industry has evolved significantly since his time, and many steelworks around the world have undergone changes, closures, or shifts in focus over the years. 
Towards the end of the First World War, the company was amalgamated with others as the United Steel Company. In 1967 there was nationalisation under the British Steel Corporation, de-nationalisation in 1988 and division into three businesses in 1999. Previously, works in Stocksbridge have been run by Corus Steels which was taken over by Indian company Tata in 2007, continuing to produce specialist steels for high-technology industries. Liberty House Group acquired the speciality steel business from Tata in February 2017.

Government’s Stocksbridge Towns Fund Programme

Exciting times are ahead for Stocksbridge! Supporting the social and economic advancement of towns around the nation is the goal of the UK government's Towns Fund programme. Stocksbridge has been one of the towns eligible to receive funding from the generous £24.1 million as part of the Government’s Town Fund Programme, to deliver ten key projects for the town. It is one of 101 towns chosen to develop a Town Investment Plan through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. "The Towns Fund board is made up of people reflecting Stocksbridge and the local authority with Sheffield City Council as the responsible authority for delivering the town’s investment plan." (Source: Look Local Issue 1270 Thursday 18 May 2023 by Look Local Newspaper - Issu)

The Stocksbridge Towns Fund Board is made up of representatives from local charitable and voluntary organisations as well as the businesses community and local councillors. The £24.1m funding for Stocksbridge was approved by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in December 2022.

Meet the members

Miriam Cates MP – Member of Parliament for Stocksbridge & Penistone
Yuri Matischen – Managing Director and Senior Consultant MLS Contracts Ltd
Cllr Julie Grocutt – Sheffield City Council and Stocksbridge Town Council (“Cllr Julie Grocutt - Welcome to Stocksbridge”) (“Cllr Julie Grocutt - Welcome to Stocksbridge”)
Kate Martin – Executive Director, City Futures Portfolio, Sheffield City Council (“Kate Martin - Welcome to Stocksbridge”)
Ian Sanderson – SLR Outlets
Neil Curtis – Retired
Graham Silverwood – The Venue Trust and Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre
John Crawshaw – Crawshaw Butchers
Dave Cates – Redemption Media
Gail Larking – Owner, The Business Hair Salon
Kathryn Giles-Bowman – Owner, Oceanic Beauty Salon

The town centre regeneration plans will deliver a brand-new library and community hub on the current library site with a new workspace and a learning area for adult education. There are plans to make much-needed improvements to the public realm as well as a major upgrade to the Manchester Road precinct – including a shop front grant scheme.

Other projects across the town will deliver brand-new sporting and recreation facilities and investment in walking and cycling trails. A new hydrotherapy pool at the Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre is planned as well as a local hopper bus service for the local community. 

With an emphasis on generating a range of potential improvements aimed at making the area more accessible for walkers, cyclists, and horse riders as well as creating new family-friendly trails, additional free visitor parking, and bringing more outdoor activities to the area, including renovating Oxley Park, the fund offers financial resources to towns to help them undertake various projects and initiatives to improve infrastructure, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth. 

A joint approach is planned to explore major enhancements at Underbank Reservoir on 7th July 2023.  The Stocksbridge Towns Fund Board and Yorkshire Water have announced plans to work in partnership to explore an ambitious package of potential improvements to enhance Underbank Reservoir for visitors and the local community. The reservoir, which lies to the northwest of Stocksbridge, is already a popular location but this new partnership will look to build on its draw, with the aim of making it more accessible for walkers, cyclists and horse riders and promoting safe, active travel from the town centre.

The Stocksbridge Towns Fund Trails Project will focus on supporting a range of improvements centred on the reservoir - including a safe route from Stocksbridge town centre and a new crossing for visitors to access the area. The approach is aimed at supporting the town centre and creating better links with the wider countryside – building on Stocksbridge’s position as the northern gateway to the Peak District and its growing reputation as the “Outdoor Town in the Outdoor City.”


Stocksbridge has a few primary and secondary schools, serving the local community. Students may also have access to educational institutions in nearby Sheffield including the two renowned universities:
The University of Sheffield
Sheffield Hallam University
Stocksbridge High School - is an 11-16 comprehensive school is part of The Minerva Learning Trust.
Stocksbridge Junior School – recognises SEND (Special educational needs and disability) 
Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School - has an excellent reputation for how well it provides for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The school holds the Inclusion   Quality Mark. 

This is a national award which recognises the work schools do to meet the wide-ranging needs of all the pupils it serves.
St Ann’s Catholic Primary School – for ages 4 to 11 provides primary education for children from the communities of Deepcar, Stocksbridge and Penistone. 

To compare all primary schools in Stocksbridge in greater depth, use the user-friendly school map, which includes parent reviews, catchment areas, exam results, league tables, and much more at Locrating simply add the location or postcode.

Find reports for schools, colleges, childminders, nurseries, children’s homes and more in England from OFSTED  by simply entering your location or postcode. 

Retail and Services

Stocksbridge has local shops, supermarkets, and services to meet the daily needs of its residents. The town centre offers a range of amenities, including medical facilities, dentists, restaurants, and other services.

Community and Culture

There are lots of clubs, organisations, and get-togethers that foster a sense of community among the people living in Stocksbridge. Along with other facilities for cultural and recreational pursuits, the town boasts a local library and community centre. Numerous of them will soon get a sizable infusion of cash to modernise their facilities.


In recent times, Stocksbridge has diversified its economy in contrast to the demise of the historic steel sector. A few manufacturing, retail, and service sectors have shown a significant growth, which has bolstered the regional economy. The Stockbridge Town Investment Plan will play a crucial part to the town's continued growth and success. 
Stocksbridge Leisure Centre

Sports and Leisure

The town is home to several sports and leisure facilities, including football clubs, one being Stocksbridge Park Steels, home to an up-and-coming striker Jamie Vardy is the most famous player to leave Stocksbridge to go on to play professional football, tennis club and a leisure centre. The surrounding open countryside also offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

Stocksbridge has an excellent community sporting centre which includes the following activities: Squash and Racketball, Badminton, Football, Bowls, Swimming, Gym, Activities for Kids and teens, Fitness Classes. Visit the Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre's website for more information.


Stocksbridge has a diverse population, and its demographics have evolved over the years. The town has seen an increase in residential development, with new housing estates being built to accommodate a growing population. Stocksbridge continues to evolve and adapt to changing economic and social conditions, offering its residents a mix of industrial heritage and access to the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

What is the Population of Stocksbridge?

With 13,304 residents as of the 2021 census which is made up of 6,527 males and 6,767 females.


The main road from Sheffield to Manchester originally passed through the town until the A616 Stocksbridge by-pass opened in 1989. The new road links the M1 motorway at Junction 35A (and J36) to the Woodhead pass A628 (which is one of the main trans-Pennine routes from Sheffield to Manchester) bypassing the towns of Stocksbridge and Deepcar, diverting the steelworks traffic away from passing through the town. (“Stocksbridge - The Penistone Archive”)

There is a bus service running through the centre of Stocksbridge and the edge of Deepcar all the way to Middlewood Park and Ride, connecting with the Super tram service to the centre of Sheffield or Hillsborough. (“Deepcar in a sentence - Deepcar sentence -”) The nearest mainline Railway Station is Penistone 3.04 miles. 


Fox Valley Shopping Centre

The Fox Valley Shopping Centre is a retail complex. It opened in 2016 and serves as a modern shopping destination for the local community and visitors. The shopping centre features a variety of popular high street shops, including the exclusive Sandersons Boutique Store; home to a range of national and international brands, restaurants, and services, making it a popular place for shopping and leisure activities in the area.

Additionally, it often hosts events and activities to engage the local community and create a vibrant atmosphere, including a popular Friday market offering a variety of different stalls offering a host of local food, drink, and craft traders. Live music is often performed at the Ponti’s Italian Kitchen. 

Enjoy the countdown to Christmas at the Fox Valley Shopping Centre, starting with the amazingly popular Christmas Lights Switch On event, which will be held this year on 17th November 2023. 

Live performances by renowned local artists and festive favourites will take place in the fountain area of the centre starting at 5 p.m. The spectacular Christmas lights will be turned on at 6 p.m. by Laura and Becky of The Laura and Becky Show, who will then lead the community in the official countdown that follows the entertainment. The grand finale that closes the event will be a mind-blowing performance by Spark Drummers.

A festive market featuring local vendors selling baked goods, sweet treats, handmade Christmas gifts, and trinkets will run concurrently with the live entertainment from 4 to 8 p.m. In addition to the market, there will be a street food section with wood-fired pizza, crepes, snow cones, Greek gyros, and a BBQ unit. There will be live entertainment from 5 pm in the centre’s fountain area including some top local performers and some festive classics.

Following the entertainment, Laura and Becky of The Laura and Becky Show will then move on to the official countdown bringing the Stocksbridge community together to join in the 6pm switching on of the stunning Christmas lights. (“FOX VALLEY CHRISTMAS LIGHT SWITCH ON -”) An eye-widening performance from Spark Drummers will provide the grand finale closing the event.

"Alongside the live entertainment a festive market will be running from 4 pm until 8 pm with local traders selling baked goodies, sweets, handmade Christmas gifts and trinkets." (“Fox Valley counts down to Christmas”) Complementing the market, a street food area will also be running and will include woodfired pizza, crepes, snow cones, Greek Gyros, and a BBQ unit. In addition, there will be classic fairground attractions for kids to enjoy and a bar at the centre where guests can sip delicious, mulled wine while enjoying the entertainment.

Places to Eat in Stocksbridge 

Consider dining out in Stockbridge; you will be spoiled for choice with the variety of culinary alternatives available. 

McGilveray’s Restaurant & Bar – Dine in, no delivery. McGilveray's Restaurant & Bar can be found in the piazza area at Fox Valley. The family-run restaurant serves a delicious range of classic British food with a focus on "good food done well."

Ponti’s Italian Kitchen – Dine in, takeaway, no delivery. Inspired by the Emilia-Romagna region, our seasonal menus are made with beautiful ingredients from suppliers we know, creating classic Italian dishes presented simply elegantly and always with the special Ponti touch.
Samuel’s Kitchen – Dine-in, Kerbside pick-up, no delivery. Great traditional food and more with a warm and friendly Yorkshire welcome. 

Rajasthan Spice – Dine-in, takeaway, delivery. Wide selection of Indian food. 

Zorro Lounge – Dine-in, restaurant, takeaway, no delivery. All-day food menus have something for everyone to eat or take away. 

Bengal Spice Stocksbridge Ltd – Takeaway, no-contact delivery, no dine-in. Wide selection of Indian food to takeaway.

Domino’s Pizza - Takeaway 

DiCaprio’s – Takeaway, delivery, no dine-in. Wide selection of delicious food, offering; Pizza to Kebabs, Peri Peri Chicken to Wraps and burgers.

Capones – Takeaway, delivery

Bangin Burgers – Manchester Road, dine-in kerbside pickup no-contact delivery.

Sweet Panda – takeaway, in-store pickup, delivery.

De Nero’s Pizza Land – takeaway.

Cravings – Takeaway, no dine-in.

Poseidon Fish Bar – Fish and Chips - takeaway.

Costa Coffee – Sit-in, takeaway.

Raffina Coffee & Deli – Dine-in, takeaway, delivery. Independent coffee shop.


House Prices in Stocksbridge

When looking for property in Stocksbridge to buy, it's essential to work with a local estate agent who can provide you with detailed information about available properties, guide you through the buying process, and recommend the best area to live in ensuring you find a property that suits your preferences and requirements.

Over the course of the past year, the overall average price of a home in Stocksbridge was calculated to be Overall, sold prices in Stocksbridge over the last year were 2% down on the previous year and 13% up on the 2018 peak of £169,703.
During the past year, most homes that changed hands in Stocksbridge were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £178,141. The typical selling price for Terraced properties sold for an average of £143,169, while the average selling price for a detached home was £345,886.

Over the course of the previous year, property prices in Stocksbridge were 2% down on the previous year and 13% up on the 2018 peak of £169,703. (Source: Rightmove UK October 2023) 

Properties For Sale in Stocksbridge

Butcher Residential Estate and Letting Agents believe that personality matters, and we work hard to understand what you are looking for in both your sale and your next buy. We feel it is critical to listen, maintain regular touch, and maintain effective communication, not just through text, email, or post, but also through regular phone contact. We use innovative technology to market our properties, from plasma displays and digital pictures to floor plans and prominent advertising elements, but our most powerful motivators are our employees, whose daily phone calls keep us in touch with both buyers and sellers. 

The office staff are courteous, helpful, and eager to get you to your new home. We provide accompanied viewings seven days a week, bringing buyers to your property or taking you to ours. After everything is said and done, 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating,' so if you are considering a move, or simply want to discuss any part of buying, selling, or renting, please give us a call - we're here to assist! 

Free Property Valuation 

Determine the value of your property in Stocksbridge with our Free Valuation Service. We have over 30 years of experience in selling property in the region, so we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with an accurate valuation and advice on how to maximise the value of your home to achieve the best possible sale price.  

Alternatively, if you would like an idea of the value of your property in Stocksbridge, you can use our Online Instant Property Valuation Tool.

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Here are some popular searches we receive for buyers looking to purchase a property in Stocksbridge:
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Stocksbridge has some lovely areas and outstanding countryside that surrounds it, as well as some excellent schools. The town is currently experiencing new housing developments and has some wonderful local businesses within the town.
Comparable to its ancestors, Stocksbridge is establishing itself as a fresh and dynamic location to expand, prosper, and develop into a desirable location. With its imminent rejuvenation, the small town will soon be ushered into the twenty-first century.


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