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Photos of a property are worth far more than a thousand words and are an essential factor in the sale of your house. A picture can do more than paint a thousand words, according to recent research by MoveStreets, a property portal specifically designed for the mobile generation; it can also significantly increase the likelihood that your property will be sold a lot quicker. 

In this article, the photographer from Pennine SEO recommends useful tips when preparing your property for marketing. Following these simple steps may help you to receive more viewings, which in turn contributes to a speedier offer of sale.

Before deciding which properties to visit, buyers and renters look through hundreds of photos of available properties on the market. The smallest details can mean the difference between a potential buyer scheduling a viewing and falling in love with your house and simply moving on to the next listing on the page. When your property is shown attractively without appearing overly personal, photos are the most effective marketing tool. Photos of you and your family may help you feel more at home in the space, but they may make it difficult for others to imagine themselves living there. 

Clutter removal is another important step in making your house appear as spacious as possible and allowing prospective buyers to recognise its total value.  Think blank canvas.

Keep in mind that your photographer may not photograph every room in your property. They understand how to market your house to get the most viewings, which may necessitate taking fewer but higher-quality photographs of the property’s most appealing features. They will be of great assistance and advice during their visit, so do not be afraid to ask them questions. Meanwhile, spend some time getting acquainted with the following information, which will help you to prepare for their visit.

1. Gardens and Outdoor Areas.
The presence of outside spaces is an important consideration. Exterior shots of your property, whether from the front of the house, the balcony, or the rear garden, should be presented in the best light possible to assist in a successful sale. If possible, please relocate any vehicles parked in front of your property so that they are not visible in the photographs taken during the shoot.

Think of your home as a stage, the stage needs to be set. Therefore, you should try to clear rubbish bins, hose pipes, and other debris from outdoor and garden areas; you may consider mowing the grass and tidy up the flower beds to the best of your ability. Having the windows cleaned professionally creates a good impression too.  

If you have an outdoor seating area, arrange the furniture as though you were entertaining there, making it look inviting.  This creates an image of further space other than what is inside the property.

2. Halls and Passageways
Storing away coats, shoes, umbrellas, and bags from the hallway and passageways, produces the impression of a much larger space. 

3. Lighting
Replace any burned-out light bulbs around the house and use accent lighting like (lamps, candles, etc.) to brighten the interior rooms. Check that the blinds are up, and the curtains are open to let in as much natural light as possible.

4. Kitchen Areas 
Ensure that all surfaces in the kitchen are spotless, dirty dishes have been washed and stored, and that pet food bowls have been removed and stored. Remove any refrigerator magnets, tea towels, food bottles and boxes, and children’s artwork before the photo shoot.

5. Cloak Rooms and Bathrooms 
Take care of your bathroom in the same way you would any other room, by storing items like toothbrushes and shower gels and lowering the toilet seat. Remove the toilet paper from the holder and check that any towels are clean, nicely folded, and in a colour that matches the rest of the design of the room.

6. Lounge and Dining Room Areas 
Prospective buyers are particularly interested in the home’s lounge area, in addition to the kitchen and the outdoor area. Therefore, make sure your cushions are fluffed and attractively arranged and the curtains are neatly pulled back and equal in an appearance on both sides.
Remove any clutter from sideboards and coffee tables, put magazines away, and try to conceal or organise the cables that connect various electronic devices, such as your television or sound system.  Always turn off the TV, during photo shoots and viewings.

Fresh flowers make a big difference on the day of your photo shoot, and a bowl of fruit is an excellent and inexpensive way to add a splash of life and colour. Setting the table for a meal adds life and cosiness to the dining area.

7. Bedrooms 
Where possible, try to match bedding with the aesthetics of the room and put away any photographs or other items that are uniquely yours. Make every effort to avoid storing anything directly beneath beds or on top of wardrobes that could be seen in photographs, this gives the impression of a lack of storage space in the room.  Remember, space is king! 

8. Location 
When it comes to distinguishing the appearance of your location from what everyone else is selling, there are a few key factors to consider. With the help of these photographs and pointers, you should have a much easier time selling the property. The most important thing is to put your best foot forward and highlight the unique aspects of the property rather than simply focusing on the basics, which everyone expects, nevertheless.  Show it off in its best light and to its full potential.

9. Virtual Viewings
Virtual viewings are becoming more popular. There are various options, from a pre-recorded video to a snazzy 3D or 360-degree tour or a simple 1:2:1 video viewing. We can provide professional photos of your property high quality professionally edited video tours and drone photography provided for maximum engagement.

10. Drone-Captured Photographs 
One of the best pieces of advice your agent can mention is to use a drone, it will set your property apart from the competition as each drone photograph is unique. The most important thing is to make sure that the drone pilot depicts the dimensions of the house and the surrounding land and portrays it in the best light possible. 

Because using a drone limits the number of available settings, you should schedule your work for the most productive time of day. In a nutshell, if you want to sell any property, make sure you have the right materials and know how to use them. Although it will only be one step in the process, having the necessary photographs and video footage will be critical. 

We understand that the visual aspect of selling or buying a home is important, and the higher the quality of the photographs you provide, the more likely a potential buyer, tenant will be interested in viewing the property.

Do you have any additional questions? 

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