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Putting your house on the market is a big move- With so many things to think about, having time to spruce the place up might not make it onto your list of priorities, let alone the top 10. But when it comes to getting prospective viewers through the door, you never get a second chance at a first impression. Setting some time aside to do these simple tasks can (and will!) make the difference between a prospective buyer and an actual buyer.


·         It might sound obvious, but make sure your home is absolutely spotless. From the dining room to the utility shed, a prospective buyer wants to envision themselves living in your home. The only way they’re going to do that is if it looks as clean as when you moved in!

 ·        Consider giving a professional window cleaner a call. All it takes is a sunny autumnal day to reveal the true cleanliness of your south and west facing windows, and your windows act as the ‘shop-front’ to your home.


·         Chipped paint on your front door? Loose roof tile? Don’t think these things will go unnoticed by potential buyers. What may be a small investment now will amount to a large return when your house sells faster due to it being flawlessly presented.


·         Make sure your home smells nice. Sweet, vanilla essence or clean laundry smells are fail safes for creating a pleasant, homely atmosphere.


·         If possible, show the best rooms in the house both first and last. This will create a lasting, positive impression of your home.


·         And lastly, always be professional. You don’t want to come across as overly friendly or even worse, pushy. Allow potential buyers plenty of time to look around and be sure to let them know you’re happy to answer any questions that they might have.