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Make it Sustainable

Taking an eco-friendly approach to interior décor isn’t difficult these days. From the stuffing in pillows to the plastic and metals used to make chairs, ways to reuse and recycle are at the forefront of modern living. Check out brands such as or From Jim’s Garage in Penistone, if you want someone a little more local


Get Thrifty

Moroccan-style tassels, crochet and vintage-inspired goods are back and here to stay. Think outside the box to source unique statement pieces for your home. From old leather suitcases as coffee tables to hand-crocheted throws, check out vintage stores and charity shops. Websites like Etsy can offer artisan interiors that are near-exact replicas of those offered by high-end brands for a third of the price.


Shine Bright with Metallics

The interior world has long been experimenting with different textures and fabrics, and now it’s the time for the metallic to shine. With copper, brass, silver and more there are so many different shades to play with. Try a metallic geometric vase as a dining room statement piece or a modern ornament as an office paperweight to give any room a contemporary edge.


Inside Outdoors

Versatility in furniture is a must for 2016, with consumer trends hinting toward furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants are a big up-and-coming trend, or try making your own DIY vintage-style birdcages filled with faux flowers for an eye-catching look all year round.


Natural Stones & Minerals

Though slate kitchen accessories have always been popular, prepare to see more homeware in marble, granite, and other natural stones and minerals on the way for 2016. Think polished marble bowls, quartz decorations and even tables and chairs made from concrete.