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So we’ve devised these top tips to help you enjoy Christmas dinner in your new home.

Firstly you’ll need to confirm your move out date so you can start to organise everything including removal companies and when you need to be packed up by (see our last blog about Removal vs DIY).

You should start to pack everything non-essential a good two weeks before you move out and leave the last week to dismantle furniture – this will give you plenty of time so you’re not rushing around and tripping over boxes at the last minute.

You will need to tell people you’re moving, including your utility companies, doctors and dentists as well as your friends and family (don’t want Christmas cards going astray!)

If you have children ask if a friend of family member could look after them for the day so that you are able to get the moving process done easier without having to worry about them –if you have pets ask if they could take them too.

Ensure anything that’s important is carried with you from your old home to your new one. Don’t let anyone else be responsible for them (things like passports, financial documents, jewellery…)

Finally, don’t forget about the loft! Just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it should be out of mind! Some removal companies may not empty your loft so don’t be left stranded on move out day with a full loft. Get it emptied and dust off the Christmas tree!


We hope these tips help you prepare for your move! Good luck from everyone at Butcher Residential!