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As the world becomes increasingly reliant on mobile technology, having a fast and reliable mobile network provider has become a necessity. Whether it's for streaming high-definition videos, participating in virtual meetings, or enjoying seamless browsing and downloading experiences, a lightning-fast mobile network is paramount. 

When it comes to delivering lightning-fast & reliable internet speeds and great customer service, one network provider in Penistone has emerged as the local leader. 


We have conducted research by scouring through websites such as... Signal Checker  |  Ofcom  |  MastData  |  RootMetrics and the network provider's own mobile signal coverage tools. We also took to the local community's social media platforms by asking for their views and conducting opinion polls.

It may be worth noting of course that we have no affiliation or agreements in place with any network providers mentioned in this article! It must also be stated that we advise you to carry out your own independent research before making a decision on which mobile provider to choose. Other factors may affect your decision which aren't mentioned in this article such as your exact location and the type of mobile device you use. This is due to there being blackspots in some areas due to the hilly topography of the surrounding area and because most network providers are moving away from 3G technology. Therefore, 3G-only devices will no longer be able to connect to a mobile data network.

Is 5G Available in Penistone?

Installing 5G mobile masts has become somewhat of a controversial subject these days in the UK! Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council recently turned down planning permission to install a 5G mast in the centre of Penistone. (View the official planning permission request here). Therefore, 5G is not available in Penistone at the time of writing this article (July 2023).
Proposed plan for 5G mast on Shrewsbury Road in Penistone
Proposed Plan for the 5G Mobile Phone Mast on Shrewsbury Road in Penistone. (Available via BMBC's website).

Should the 5G mobile mast have been installed, Penistone would have had access to a mobile network that could achieve speeds of up to 753Mbps (equivalent to downloading Black Mirror Season 6 in 720p which is 1.6GB in size in just over 2 seconds). Instead, Penistone is currently left with a 4G network that has a peak download speed of 90Mbps (equivalent to downloading the same series of Black Mirror in 17 seconds). This is just to give you an idea of the difference in speed between 5G and 4G mobile network speeds. The speed of a 4G mobile network is, on average, 10% that of a 5G mobile network. 

For further reading about 5G networks, visit this website: How fast is 5G? 5G speeds and performance.


Mobile Networks Family Tree

It's important to note that some virtual mobile network providers actually "piggyback" off of the main networks. Here's the so-called "Network Family Tree" to explain which virtual mobile networks are piggybacking from which network provider's infrastructure. This is correct at the time of writing this article (July 2023).

Graphic showing the mobile network family tree in the UK

The following virtual mobile network providers use EE's network: BT, Plusnet (Plusnet is soon to cease trading), Utility Warehouse. 

The following virtual mobile network providers use O2's network: Giffgaff, Sky, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Lyca.

The following virtual mobile network providers use Three's network: ID Mobile, Smarty Mobile.

The following virtual mobile network providers use Vodafone's network: Asda Mobile, Lebara, Talkmobile, Voxi.

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Which is the best Mobile Network Provider in Penistone?

In a nutshell, EE comes out on top as the best mobile network provider in Penistone.

Superfast 5G & 4G Phones, Tablets and Fibre Broadband | EE

Our key findings

According to social media polls that were conducted over a period of 7 days in July 2023, the mobile network provider EE is the most popular choice for the residents of Penistone.
According to MastData, EE has the most mobile phone masts in a 3km radius of Penistone.
According to Ofcom's customer satisfaction report for mobile networks throughout the UK, EE is one of the top-performing. However, BT is one of the worst performing in customer service.

According to RootMetrics' report in 2022...
The second half of 2022 also marked the eleventh consecutive test period in which EE ranked first in the categories of overall performance, reliability, speed, as well as data, call, and text performance. What’s more, EE’s aggregate median download speed of 58.5 Mbps was not only easily fast enough for smooth gaming and video streaming, but it was also over twice as fast as that of any other operator.

Did you know?

Here are some facts about EE...
EE was born through the merging of T-Mobile and Orange.

EE is actually owned by BT!

EE is the largest mobile network provider in the UK with over 32 million customers.

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In a world where mobile connectivity plays an integral role in our daily lives, having access to a lightning-fast network has become more essential than ever. 

If you are looking for a deal on the best mobile service provider in Penistone, be sure to visit the MoneySupermarket Mobile Phone Comparison Website. EE offers mobile phone packages directly and the following companies use EE's network: BT (doesn't have the greatest record for customer service), Plusnet (soon to cease trading) and Utility Warehouse. 

We are confident that the fastest and most reliable network provider in Penistone with the best customer service record is EE. After researching customer satisfaction reports, and reviewing comments left by residents of Penistone on various social media platforms, we can recommend anyone looking for a reliable network provider in Penistone to strongly consider going straight to EE.


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