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The latest series of the BBC Apprentice saw Lord Sugar’s potential business partners given the task of selling luxury apartments in the capital. In true Apprentice fashion many of the candidate managed to get it wrong. So, with their shortcomings in mind, we’ve picked out three key lessons to take from The Apprentice when selling your property:

1.       Always be polite

It may sound simple, but as Joseph Valente proved during the walk through of his first set of flats, good manners get you everywhere. The real estate developer was clearly passionate about his work (and rightly so) and yet Joseph went in full-steam ahead taking about costings and profit margins. If you are showing potential new buyers around your home, remember you are not a sales person, and being pushy will put buyers off - guaranteed. Let your estate agent talk about money with them – after all, that’s what you appointed them for. Similarly, if you are looking around someone’s home always be polite, even if it’s not what you expected or even to your liking.

2.       Always be prepared

Scott Saunders made a dramatic exit at the end of show, partially down to his poor performance during the task. Indeed, he tried to show a potential buyer around a show flat without knowing the finer details and the buyer was not impressed. Similarly, Richard and Vana tried to close a deal without even having a show flat to take the buyer around - expecting a simple copy of floor plan to persuade a buyer into a £800,000 purchase. Being open and honest, and forming good relationships with potential new buyers is the key to selling your home, and being prepared for any questions you may receive (good or bad) is absolutely essential to achieving this.

3.       Know your audience

Scott messed up again by using a local chip shop as a selling point for a couple looking to buy a swanky apartment. It is important that you consider who is most likely to be looking around your property. First time buyers? A small family? There’s no point using the great local schools as a selling point if you are talking to an older couple who are looking to downsize, and similarly the great local nightlife might be ideal for a young couple, but not so desirable for a family. It is about presenting your home in the best possible light.


Follow these rules, and you’ll be sure not to get fired!