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When you're considering selling your property, choosing the right estate agent could mean the difference between getting the right price for your property in a timely manner or your property remaining listed on portals for months. In this article, we share with you some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to selling your property in and around Barnsley and Penistone in South Yorkshire and Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.


Have you given any thought to selling your property?

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time or your tenth time the likelihood is that you will have many questions when you're considering putting your property up for sale. 

We questioned our sales managers about the enquiries they are most frequently confronted with from potential vendors. Our local experts can provide comprehensive answers to specific questions about your property and the surrounding areas.  We have selected seven common questions to which we have the answers and can provide the information you need to feel fully informed on everything necessary to assist with the potential sale of your property.


Should I put my house up for sale right now?

You know how everyone always says that "Spring is the best time to put your property on the market"? Well, the "answer" is a bit more complicated than that! Obviously, people buy and sell real estate for various reasons, all year round. This means there is no particular "right time" for doing either. As is only natural, most vendors are conscious about achieving the highest sale price for what, in most cases, would be their biggest asset in life. Here are some of the factors you should consider before deciding when to put your property on the market...

Property Market Conditions in the UK and in Your Local Area

At the time of this writing (April 2023), the average price of a home in Barnsley has remained relatively unchanged over the past year, coming in at approximately £177,772 (4% up on the previous year) according to Rightmove. In Huddersfield, the average asking price for a property was £207,125 (17% up on the previous year). We are still experiencing high demand for 2 to 3-bedroom houses for under £150,000 in Barnsley, bungalows in all areas and large detached homes in rural areas.

The surrounding areas of Barnsley and Huddersfield have a high demand for properties, particularly for homes close to reputable schools and colleges and good transport links.

As part of our market appraisal that we have with you before you decide to list your property for sale, we can go over current local market trends in more detail with examples of how properties like yours have performed. 



Personal Circumstances

Putting aside "forced sale" situations such as relocation, probate or divorce, you may either be looking to downsize or upsize.

When to put your property on the market when you are downsizing:In most cases, vendors looking to downsize are "empty nesters", meaning their children have left their family homes and just the parent(s) are left with excessive space! The good news is that if you're in this position, it's a very strong one to be in. It can be hard to give up the family home where you have gathered so many great memories over the years.

However, I can't stress this enough - Always move while you can, and not because you have to! None of us are getting any younger and there is nothing worse than having to move home in poor health or not having the energy to face it. Due to the fact that most downsizers look for a bungalow and that not many bungalows get built these days, the price of bungalows can be very high and in short supply. Therefore, it's important to think about putting your property on the market as soon as you have made the decision to downsize. It puts you in a stronger position for when you find your ideal property to downsize to... the chances are that you won't be the only interested buyer so having a buyer lined up for your property would make you the more appealing purchaser. 

When to put your property on the market when you are upsizing: Before you put your property on the market if you are looking to buy a bigger home, be sure that the first step is to get your finances in order. This means speaking to your mortgage lender and understand the budget you have available. You should get your mortgage in principle ready, too. Mortgage in principles in the UK are usually valid for 3 months. If you want tips on how to get the best price for your property then you should read our article "Tips to Increase the Value of a Property and Potentially Sell It Faster".


Follow the Trend

When it comes to when the best time of year is to sell, we observe a recurring annual pattern in which many buyers plan to finalise their purchase during the summer or just before the Christmas season. Obviously, property photos always look better after Spring has arrived, too! So yes, putting your property on the market in Spring does have its' benefits!  Despite this, sellers continue to give us instructions to sell their properties at all times of the year.


How do you determine the value of my house? 

Everyone selling a property must ensure they do so at the highest possible price. The procedure for valuing the property carried out by our regional specialists involves a comprehensive analysis of various factors. These factors include the size, layout, condition, and location of the property; the outside space that is attached to the property; other properties that have sold recently in the area; the floor level of the flat, if it is flat; and the potential for development, such as a loft that could be converted.

The instant online valuation service offered by Butcher Residential provides sellers with a valued estimate solely based on data from their immediate area. Although this will provide you with a helpful price bracket that your property may fall within, only a home valuation performed by an expert local valuer will consider all the distinctive aspects of your property that contribute to its value.


What steps are involved in the sales process?

The selling process is something that every seller needs to be familiar with to be able to make educated choices about how and when to sell their property. You can find a detailed guide to the nine primary steps of the selling process here, or you can see our overview on how to sell your house in Barnsley. However, we will summarise these steps for you below! 

1. Choose your estate agent wisely

Find a local estate agent with a solid presence in the community and access to cutting-edge technology that will make selling your home more manageable for you. Look for a local estate and read the testimonials they have received from sellers and buyers. After you have instructed that estate agent to sell your property, the next step is to give instructions to a lawyer or a solicitor. 


2. Prepare your House For Sale

Reducing the amount of clutter in a room will give the impression that the space is more significant and giving the walls a new coat of paint will also help to improve how potential buyers view the home. The next stage is for your estate agent to maximise publicity for your house and organise associated showings so that you may swiftly find a buyer. Following that, your agent will help you evaluate any offers and select the best one to accept, mainly based on the buyers' finances and position in the chain.

3. Exchange of Contracts

Solicitors will prepare contracts to be exchanged and set dates for surveys, exchange, and transaction completion. The property is considered to have been sold once the contracts have been signed, and on the day of completion, all monies have been transferred to the seller’s solicitor’s account.


How much does it cost to sell my house?

Remember to budget in the costs involved to sell your property. These will include the cost of removal services, conveyancing fees, estate agent’s fees, an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), and any other applicable fees. The fees associated with conveyancing can vary greatly depending not only on the solicitor but also on the value of the property and the required services.

Estate Agents' commission fees in the UK are usually between 1% and 4%. The average Estate Agent fee in the UK for 2023 is currently 1.42% including VAT at the standard rate of 20%.  So, based on the average estate agent commission rate in the UK, for a property worth £175,000, the estate agent commission would be £2,485 inc. VAT. Figures based on research conducted by the Home Owners Alliance.


What kind of marketing plan do you have for my property?

The marketing plan of your property can be tailored to your requirements. It all starts with the price - we would prefer to provide you with an accurate valuation so that we can market your property for sale at an attractive price. By realistically valuing your property, you increase the chances of having more than one buyer interested which can, in turn, achieve a higher sale price in a shorter period of time! It will also prevent your property from becoming stuck on the market for a long time. However, if you are in no particular hurry to sell, you could always try marketing your house at a slightly higher price to gauge interest/test the market. Don't be fooled by some estate agents who use the underhand tactic of overvaluing your property just to "win the listing". 

Our sales team is proactive in our approach to selling your property. We make outbound calls and emails to qualified buyers in our buyer database, instantly connecting your property to many private and corporate buyers. Our devoted team will professionally photograph your home, including listings with complete floor plans on major property portals, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation, OnTheMarket, etc.

Channels through which buyers find their dream homes are increasing rapidly - we make great use of all the latest social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Butcher Residential are also able to carry out Aerial Photography and Video Walkthroughs of your property which genuinely make your property stand out from the crowd and always gets us more enquiries. 


How can I increase the speed at which I sell my property?

There are many things that you can do to assist the estate agent in the process of selling your home in a timelier manner. To attract ample viewings, it is necessary to prepare the property for the visit from the photographer.  It’s essential to show off your property in the most favourable light possible, as this is the first impression of a potential buyer. In most cases, this entails significant cleaning, removing clutter, and tidying up in general.  Not forgetting the outside areas too, which are also essential selling points.

To make your home appear brighter and more prominent, replace any lightbulbs that have burned out and ensure that the blinds and curtains are drawn. Additionally, a new coat of paint will go a long way toward giving a room that has lost its lustre a new lease on life. For additional ideas, please refer to our article “10 Photo Tips to Create More Viewings For additional advice on viewings, please visit our complete guide to “Tips to Increase the Value of a Property and Potentially Sell It Faster”.


How long it will take to sell my property?

This will depend on local factors, the state of the market, and the nature of your property; therefore, the best person to ask is your local expert to answer this question. If you want to sell your home as quickly as possible, follow as many steps as outlined. This is especially important if a prospective buyer/tenant has brought up a problem that has caused them to lose interest in the property.


Contact us

Contact your local property experts! Butcher Residential is a long-established independent family-owned firm with offices in South and West Yorkshire with over 30 years of experience in the local property industry. We pride ourselves on providing nothing but a transparent, friendly and efficient service.




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